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Your Players are not Navy Seals

Nice article written by Head Strength Coach at Texas Tech, Rusty Whitt.

Quote, “These Special Operation Force truths come to mind while watching many high school and college programs attempt to mimic Special Operations Forces training tactics. Any coach must factor in safety and efficacy elements when attempting to develop a challenging training/ indoctrination scenario.”

Here is your link to the article.

Here is a link to an article called five minutes with Rusty Whitt.

New Coach for 2017


Now that we have played the final game of the regular season or the first game of the playoffs the coaching carousal has begun. Salina-Sacred Heart’s Bruce Graber resigned Friday night after a long career of coaching high school football.

We knew that Andale’s Gary O’Hair had turned in his papers and said this was the end of his coaching career in Kansas and he is moving to New Mexico. Rural Vista’s coach Jeff Hostetter has also turned in his last coaching job. (Prep Power Index Tim Hostetter is a brother. Hope he doesn’t quit anytime soon.)

So if you have positive acknowledgements of head football coach resignations and new head football coach’s please let me hear from you. I don’t like rumors and one Principal and A.D. in the state is already mad at me for listing his head coaching job as open last year. I got them confused with another school and just stunk it up.

Contact us through our contact page and following coach openings on our New Coach page.

A Fresh Approach to Education

After 12 years as principal of Clintondale High School, Greg Green had a bad feeling: He knew his school was failing its students.

Especially the at-risk ones. Only 63% of the kids at Clintondale went on to college, and 35% didn’t even make it though high school. It was rated as one of the worst schools in Michigan.

He and his staff had tried everything they could with the school’s limited resources. Nothing worked.

But he had an out-of-the-box idea.

Green is also a coach. To get the most out of the time he had with his players, he’d been making them videos to watch at home so they could see what they were doing wrong and how they could improve.

What if academic classes operated the same way, with kids prepping in advance by watching videos online at home or in the school library, and then doing their work in school, during the day, with teachers on hand to assist?

Could that actually work?

By 2011, Clintondale had flipped all of its classes, the first U.S. school to do so.

Clintondale’s failure rate dropped from 35% to 10%. College enrollment went up from 63% to 80% in two years!

Article by Scot McKnight

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