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In the Beginning


The start of had its beginnings back in 1989. That was the first year that I went on the radio as a part-time broadcaster during football and basketball games for the Scott City Beavers. I had been on the local radio station with a gardening program since 1979 (graduated from K-State in Ag majoring in horticulture.)

One summer day when I showed up at the radio station to record the gardening program, the local radio manager called me into his office and said he wanted me to start going to football games to do color broadcasting. I told him no way. I went to every football game at home or on the road with all my old football playing buddies and was not about to go on the radio calling games.

Every week I would show up at the radio station to record the gardening program and the manager would call me in to his office and ask me again to go to the games with his radio sports play by play guy. Finally, one day I asked the manager why he wanted me to do this? So he told me that his brand new play by play guy had received his third DUI just before he graduated from college and the kid had no drivers license so he was desperate for someone to drive the guy to the games that fall. Well 25 years later, I am still on the radio and have worked with at least ten different broadcast partners. Radio sports broadcasting part-time has been a very fun thing to do.

Back in 1989 Scott City was the defending champions in Class 4A. During the fall of 1989 Scott City lost a great game to Norton early in the playoffs. Then during the football seasons of 1990 and 1991 Scott City did win the state championship again in Class 4A.

As a new young sports broadcaster I wanted to be prepared for what I was talking about on the radio. So I called a good friend of mine that was an assistant coach for Scott City at that time and asked him to teach me about the Beavers offense and defense. He spent many nights training me to talk knowledgeably about the intricacies of the team.

Also, I spent many evenings in the local library pouring over the back issues of the Wichita Eagle and Hutchinson News newspapers looking for scores and box scores and articles on upcoming playoff opponents. There was no internet in those days. When the internet finally did come along there was not much online about high school football in Kansas.

So when I first conceived the idea of it was with the idea to help me find information for radio broadcasts. Scores, schedules, stories you name it, I wanted to be able to find information on opponents teams in a quicker way. In the process, I have been amazed at the number of people who have come to the website over the years.

Today, there are many websites that have  football schedules, scores and stories. So it is much easier to find information on upcoming opponents. My broadcast partner today is Adam Kadavy and he does a great job researching Scott City’s next opponent so I don’t have to do all that scouting like I used to.

But I still hope the website is useful to you today and in the future.

Trouble in paradise


Some of you may not know the story behind the changes of the website, so we need to tell the story again. During July my web host company called to tell me that my website was toast. It was just a matter of days or weeks before the website was not going to be working anymore.

The website was built with Microsoft Front Page Works and it is now outdated. The last server that could work with Front Page, at the host site, was throwing a lot of errors, my host company said, so eventually the website would be finished.

So with that in mind, I had to decide what to do next. Quite a number of individuals contacted me and gave me advice on what to do and where to go to try to continue the website. We finally selected Word Press and I hired someone to help this computer illiterate old guy to get started.

Today, I feel like someone has tied five pound weights around each ankle and has thrown me into the deep end of the pool. I am treading water vigorously. I knew the learning curve would be steep, so you will just have to be patient with me.

There are about five pages that are the most important to the great number of visitors we get here and those five will be the pages I start to work on first: Front page, News page, New coaches page, Rankings page and Playoff scores.

Thank you for your patience with this project and thank you for letting me serve you the past ten years.