Monthly Archives: April 2015

Do Something New

Could you imagine football today if things had never changed from the early days? We would still have the wedge offense, and some coaches in the early days thought the forward pass should be illegal.

Things continue to evolve in the game of football, as they should. Imagination and creative thinking has brought us new formations, new schemes, new thoughts and ideas.

In Psalms 96:1 it says, “Sing to the Lord a new song.” In football we constantly are thinking of new ways to play the old game. In your spiritual life are you doing anything new and different?

Spiritual growth must have a foundation of routine and discipline. We need to read the Bible and pray daily; just like a football team that needs to lift weights every week of the year. But in that spiritual routine we need to interject new thoughts, ideas, places, books, etc.

Some Christians use the same Bible for years. How about getting a different version of the Scriptures? You might read a very familiar verse, but take away something completely different. Do you always pray in the same place in the same way at the same time? Do something different for a change. Go to the lake, get out in nature and pray. Go to your church sanctuary or visit another church sanctuary by yourself and pray at different hours of the day or evening.

Do you go to the same worship service, at your church, every Sunday? Get out of your comfort zone and go to another one, once in awhile. Maybe you need to go to a different church, just to visit, to get a new perspective. Lots of churches have evening events such as a traveling singing group or revival services with a visiting pastor.

Keep your spiritual foundation intact, but don’t bore yourself or your God with your worship, where you have it all memorized and it is no longer worship, but just another thing to accomplish, on your agenda this week.