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Burlingame Bearcats & Central Railers


After a 74-54 shootout with 21 touchdowns and nearly 1,000 yards of total offense, the Burlingame Bearcats and Central Railers came together for a prayer circle, where players from two playoff schools intermixed and joined hands.
Jeremy Gaston
The Osage County Herald-Chronicle
My favorite picture of any high school football game. Thank you Jeremy for sharing.
Tim McGonagle

Wallace County FB loses a player

I am deeply saddened by the news of the passing of Luke Schemm after collapsing on the sideline of the Wallace County vs Otis-Bison game last night.

Support the Luke Schemm Legacy, any money not used for funeral or medical expenses will be used to set up a scholarship in Luke’s name. The website is below.

Here is a link to the story.

Here is a link to a story of him during track last spring.

New Football Coaches for 2016


Mike Lee, football coach of Andover, turned in his resignation yesterday. This means the coaches merry-go-round has begun again.  We have kept track of head football coach openings for years here at and it has been one of our most visited pages during the off-season. So if you know of a coach opening, please let us know. We do try to confirm the opening and not list rumors. So please send us no gossip. Thank you.

New Coaches Page

Kansas Media Team Rankings November 3, 2015

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I hate to be negative about anything with high school football, but I have been against the three games in ten days since the beginning. We still have Class 3A and the 8-man divisions playing this schedule of Thursday, Tuesday and Saturday. I think it is time to end it.

We have less players on the teams in todays world. We have more emphasis on concussions. Todays football is not the same as 30 years ago. On the KSHSAA website there is a Contact/Practice Limitation Plan article. I find it interesting this article states, Full Contact (Live action and/or Thud combined) is permitted, but may account for no more than 90-minutes total per week of team practice.

The games last at least 2 hours and we are having three games in 10 days. So that is 6 hours of full contact in 10 days for a guy who plays both ways, without any practice time contact. A regular week of practice with 90 minutes of full contact and a game of 2 hours would be 3 1/2 hours of contact that week. So during the regular season you have 7 hours of full contact in 2 weeks of games. Seems like we are exceeding the National Federation of High School recommendations by having 6 hours of full contact with our 3 games in 10 days.

If the doctor says you have had a concussion he will hold you out of all games and practices for a week, at a minimum. How many kids hide their concussions, if they aren’t completely knocked out? That is one reason to have games every seven days.

Time to figure out a new plan.

Super Top 10 All-Classes
1.  Lawrence
2.  Wichita Northwest        (trails by 14 points)
3.  Mill Valley
4.  Derby
5.  Shawnee Mission East
6.  Bishop Carroll
7.  Bishop Miege
8.  Junction City
9.  Aquinas
10.Olathe North
12.Blue Valley North
13.St James

1. Lawrence                  (9 first place votes)
2. Wichita Northwest  (2 first place votes)
3. Derby
4. Shawnee Mission East  (2 first place votes)
5. Junction City
Others: Olathe North

1. Mill Valley             (9 first place votes)
2. Bishop Carroll     (4 first place votes)
3. Aquinas
4. St James
5. Pittsburg
Others: Kapaun

4A D-I
1. Bishop Miege    (11 first place votes)
2. Buhler                (2 first place votes)
3. Hayden
4. Ulysses
5. Abilene
Others: Andover Central, Paola

1. Columbus         (11 first place votes)
2. Andale               (2 first place vote)
3. Holcomb
4. Holton
5. Frontenac
Others: Osawatomie

1. Rossville           (12 number one votes)
2. Scott City          (1 number one votes)
3. Collegiate
4. Halstead
5. Silver Lake
Others: Nemaha Central, Hoisington

1. Meade                    (13 first place votes)
2. Sedgwick
3. Phillipsburg
4. Smith Center
5. Troy
Others: Olpe

8-man D-I
1. Spearville           (7 number one votes)
2. Central Plains   (3 number one votes)
3. Hanover             (3 number one votes)
4. Burlingame
5. West Elk
Others: Solomon, St Francis, Uniontown

8-man D-II
1. Victoria                 (13 number one votes)
2. Argonia-Attica
3. Wallace County
4. Axtell
5. Otis-Bison
Others: Chase

Long time Ranking team members
Joanna Chadwick Wichita Eagle Wichita
Brent Maycock Topeka Capital Journal Topeka
Rich Epp OpenSpacesSports Colby
Justin Fluke KNZA Hiawatha
Kirk Seminoff Wichita Eagle Wichita
Dusty Deines KDNS Beloit
Conor Nichol Northwest Kansas Sports Hays
Jim Misunas Great Bend Tribune Great Bend
Adam Kadavy KSKL Scott City/Garden City
Brock Kappelmann KSCB Liberal
Mike Hammett KSAL Salina
Tim McGonagle KSKL Scott City/Garden City
Tim Hostetter Prep Power Index & Salina Journal
BrettMarshall Garden City Telegram Garden City
Rocky Downing KFRM 550 AM
Mike Smith KMZA Seneca
Eddie Lomshek KKOW Pittsburg
Pat Strathman WIBW Topeka
Bobby Nightengale Lawrence Journal-World Lawrence
Brad Hallier Hutchinson News Hutchinson

Jim Misunas Rankings November 2, 2015


Jim Misunas Great Bend Tribune Great Bend personal rankings this week are below. Jim has been around prep sports a long time. Jim and I first met in the press box, years ago when Scott City visited Nickerson one fine Saturday afternoon in the football playoffs. Keep up the good work Jimmy.

TOP 10

  1. SM East 8-1
  2. Lawrence 9-0
  3. Mill Valley 8-1
  4. Derby 8-1
  5. St. Thomas Aquinas 7-2
  6. Wichita NW 9-0
  7. Wichita Carroll 8-1
  8. Junction City 9-0
  9. SM Miege 8-1
  10. Blue Valley North 8-1


  1. SM East 8-1
  2. Lawrence 9-0
  3. Derby 8-1
  4. Wichita NW 9-0
  5. Junction City 9-0


  1. Mill Valley 8-1
  2. Wichita Carroll 8-1
  3. St. Thomas Aquinas 7-2
  4. Lenexa St. James 8-1
  5. Great Bend 7-2


  1. SM Miege 8-1
  2. Topeka Hayden 8-1
  3. Buhler 9-0
  4. Ulysses 8-1
  5. Paola 8-1


  1. Andale 7-2
  2. Columbus 9-0
  3. Holcomb 7-2
  4. Holton 5-3
  5. Girard 6-3


  1. Rossville 9-0
  2. Hoisington 9-0
  3. Scott City 9-0
  4. Wichita Collegiate 9-0
  5. Halstead 9-0


  1. Meade 9-0
  2. Sedgwick 9-0
  3. Phillipsburg 7-2
  4. Smith Center 8-1
  5. Troy 7-1

8-MAN 1

  1. Spearville 9-0
  2. Central Plains 8-1
  3. Hanover 9-0
  4. West Elk 9-0
  5. St. Francis 9-0

8-MAN 2

  1. Victoria 9-0
  2. Argonia Attica 9-0
  3. Wallace County 9-0
  4. Axtell 8-1
  5. Chase 9-0