Preseason Rankings 2016


I don’t get too worked up about preseason rankings. My thoughts are always pretty much the same. The team that won the state championship, last year, is still the champion until proven otherwise. That makes it easy to pick the number one spot in preseason rankings.

Super Top 10 All-Class
1. Mill Valley
2. Derby is the team that most likely will contend for that top spot.

1. Derby
2. Blue Valley I just like BV each and every year at the end of the season. They may struggle some during the regular season early, but watch out for these guys come playoff time.

1. Mill Valley
2. Bishop Carroll always one of the contenders.

1. Bishop Miege
2. Bishop Miege You are not reading this wrong. The only team that will beat Bishop Miege is Bishop Miege. If they have a bad game during the playoffs then they could lose the game. Remember, that the football is funny shaped and so can go the game!

1. Holcomb
2. Hayden drops down a classification, Collegiate moves up a classification. I will go with the two of them in the final game.

1. Rossville
2. Silver Lake and the winner of 3A…………will be one of these two.

1. Smith Center we might as well put the target on a team that is used to it.
2. Meade another team that is used to hanging around the top 5.
(Defending champions, Phillipsburg, moves up to 3A for the next two years.)

8-man I
1. Spearville
2. St Francis Why not the Indians from way out west.

1. Hanover drops down a classification and that usually means good things for a football team that has consistently been pretty good.
2. Wallace County every year a contender.
(Defending champ Victoria has moved up to 8-man I.)