Rankings September 5, 2017

My first thoughts on rankings for the start of this year is that I hope if your team falls behind at anytime this year that you play like UCLA did as they defeated Texas A&M. Trailing by 34 points late into the third quarter, the UCLA Bruins never gave up.

That is exactly what I would like to see out of every high school football team the entire season this year………..NEVER GIVE UP…. because you don’t know what will happen with that strange shaped ball we call a football during the next play.

The rankings are for fun or discussion or for cussing. Some coaches never want ranked until the end, thinking the bullseye has been put upon their backs. Well we have to put the bullseye on some team, so the rest of you can take your best shot.

If you see any of the Kansas Media Ranking Team this week thank them for continuing to send in their rankings each week during the season and participating. We could not do it with out them.

Remember that the Super 10 is a total different ranking and we may have teams listed higher or lower than teams within their own classification.

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