Rankings September 26, 2017

It is hard to believe that this is the final rankings for the month of September and this Friday night is the last game for the month. Time is flying by.

I still say that we love high school football because we don’t get enough of it. And that is a good thing. Volleyball, basketball, tennis, baseball, softball, golf etc. can be played year round in club or individual sports. Actual padded up and real high school football can only be played in the fall through your local high school. Sure we can lift weights and go to camps and play 7 on 7 but that is just preparatory work for the real season of football.

The great majority of kids who play high school football are done at the end of their career in high school. Just about the time they get really good at playing and understanding the game it is over.

So you young guys make the most of your short football career. Enjoy every minute of it. My thought would be to get to practice as early as you can and stay late as you can until the coach runs you off. Don’t you ever think that football practice is a drudgery. Think now like this might be the last practice you ever get to have. Every Friday night play like it is the last game you will ever get to play in. A year from now, you seniors will wish you could dress out with your home town team just one more time and take the field to play just one more game of the sport you will come to miss.

Now for the rankings this week, they can be found at this link.