Rankings October 24, 2017

There was not much to change in the rankings this week except for Class 4A D-II where Holcomb defeated Pratt, last week’s number one team. So we have a new number one team this week and that is the Scott City Beavers. Other than that, the number one team in each poll remains the same.

Rankings are a fun thing to look at all the way through the season. Just to see what the Kansas Media Ranking team thinks about who should be in the top 5 each week.

Back in the old days, before the playoffs began in Kansas in 1969, the rankings decided who was the state champion in each classification. Now in those days you did not have a Kansas Media Ranking team. Each newspaper in the state, if they had high school football rankings in their paper, would decide the state champions. The newspapers that had rankings, that I remember, were Salina, Hutchinson, Topeka and Wichita.

When KSHSAA started the football playoffs it was by a point system. If your team was in a league of mainly 2A schools and you were a 3A school you were never going to make the playoffs, even if you went undefeated, because you lost points for playing smaller schools. If you were a 2A school in a 3A mainly league, you could make the playoffs with a couple of losses, because you got extra points for playing bigger schools.

Many times did an undefeated team not make the playoffs in those point system playoffs.

Then KSHSAA started the district playoffs system, but only one team could make the playoffs from that district. Oh my, then if you had two great teams undefeated in a district, one of those mighty teams was going to sit at home during the playoffs after they played each other in district play.

Then KSHSAA decided to let two teams from each district make the playoffs. Ask Wellington about that. They were the first team to win a state championship by making the playoffs after taking second in their district as I recall it.

Today we have the 6A and 5A classifications having no district play, but being ranked in order after 8 games to decide who plays who in the 9th game of the year for the start of the playoffs.

And the one biggest thing we no longer have in our playoffs, starting next year, is the Tuesday night game. I personally was against that 3 games in 10 days philosophy KSHSAA had for years, because they were not thinking about the kids who actually had to play in those games.

My hope is that we continue to have leadership from the schools that belong to KSHSAA to keep tweaking the system and searching for a better way to do things in all the sports as we go into the future.

So enjoy this weeks rankings, but thank goodness they don’t decide who is the actual state champions in each classification!

You can find this weeks rankings here.