Rankings October 31, 2017

This will be the final rankings until after the season is all over with in about four weeks. The real rankings are about to happen during the playoffs when the teams actually meet each other on the field of play. The best ranking system there is.

Tonight the 3A schools will begin the playoffs and for the final time ever will be playing in that Tuesday night playoff game. Next year none of the classes will be playing a 3 game schedule in a 10 day window of time. And to me, that is a very good thing to be rid of.

With tonight being Halloween, I have been wondering if we might have some very big upsets and it would be an awful frightening thing for a team that is expected to win tonight and instead they end up losing!

Halloween and high school football on the same night is always a tough thing to do in small town Kansas. What do you do? Take the kids trick or treating for a short while and then go to the game? Momma, a lot of the times, sees the Halloween thing as way more important than the local high school football game, unless her kid is involved in that game!

So get that trick or treating done early tonight and get to the football game. Bring a blanket because it is going to be cold tonight!

You can find this week’s rankings here.