Faith, Family, Football


Growing Pains

In the Name of Love

The Goal

Which Team?

Philly Eagle gets Baptized

What is said in the SC Football Team Huddle?

Football is a Team Sport

Past History

Get the Weak Stuff out of Here

Freddie Joe Steinmark

Why to Pray in Pregame


The Mystery


Seeing Old Friends

Role Models

The Legacy of Coach Schuckman

Doing Just Fine

Ron the Teddy Bear

The Father Effect

Football Vocabulary

Miami Coach gives all his players a Bible

Priest or NFL QB?

Ron Baker from Utica/Scott City to New York

Hail Mary

Clemson FB Coach on National Anthem

Learn the Skills of the Game

Could Football Disappear?

Hometown Hero’s

Father Capodanno

Testimony at Church

San Diego QB talks Faith, Family, Football

How to Win the Culture War

What I learned at Practice

San Diego QB Phillip Rivers talks to teens

Where are the Men?

Do You Remember?

A Call to Battle: Crisis in Masculinity

Have you never read………?

Hiking the Grand Canyon

Passive or Active?

NFL Lineman tackles Cancer and Witnesses the Power of Prayer

Seven Secrets of St. Joseph for Dads

Fathers of St. Joseph website with four different talks for men

Take a Knee

Ohio State Buckeye on faith and football

The Truth about Men and Church

“The game of life” a recording from the 1950’s on you tube



This guy did not play college football but he plays for Indy Colts

The First Practice

Former Purdue QB talks about Faith & Football

The Truth Hurts

Do Something New

No Bible, No Breakfast, No Bible, No Bed

FB player tells how to stay Catholic in college


Joseph’s Way-The Call to Fatherly Greatness

Harold Burke-Sivers on Prayer a man’s man on prayer

Casting into the Deep: Five Steps to Transforming your Prayer Life

Plenty of Room

Father Kapaun

Joe Lombardi’s Super Bowl and Super Faith Stories

Kicker Maintains a Heavenward Trajectory

Striving for a Crown

Children and Trust

Jim Gaffigan 4 Kids video (a great funny video)


He made football his God

Young people in Garden City still believe in church

Coach Larry Toner on Prayer (Was FB coach for Servite High School in California.)

Do you support the team?

Evangel Methodist sermon on ‘Lessons from a football Locker Room‘ (Interview of Brooks Barta)

The Pregame Meal

‘Be a Man’ Joe Ehrmann

Time to Clean up

Coach Bill Curry in some short video clips. (Very inspiring short clips.)


Expect the Unexpected in the NFL

Futures without Violence

Decision Point video’s at Dynamic Catholic (Great short video’s on your choices of life)

Super Bowl winning coach makes the most of each moment   (Jason Evert website)

Seattle Seahawks Tight End stayed loose before the Super Bowl

Made for More Jason Evert at the Men Session (you tube video)

“Will work for Pads” great story

Sports are a great way to spread the truth about Jesus Christ

Raising the bar in every area of life Bill Thierfelder

Church: not optional but necessary Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinato

One of the authors of ‘How to find your Soulmate without losing your Soul’ (youtube video)

Romance without Regrets Jason and Crystalina Evert  (who are now married also)

Dr. Charles Lowery on Relationships (video of a funny guy with a message)

Matthew Kelly on ‘How to change the World’ one person at a time. (youtube video)

Baltimore Ravens kicker says, “We pray before every game as a team.”

The only path to amazing runs directly through not-yet-amazing and not-yet-amazing is a great place to start

Faith, Family, Football……in that order Phillip Rivers of the NFL (You tube video)

Faith & Football by Tony Evans (an injury on the football field lead him to ministry)(youtube video)

Fields of Faith

Transformative Coaching by Howard Hendricks (Dallas Theological Seminary used to be the Dallas Cowboys team chaplain)

A Team Sport (Audio of Duane Sheriff of Durant, Oklahoma  preacher about team sports in life, sports and church. Pastor Sheriff has it right on.)