I moved to Scott City in 4th grade. My next door neighbor was my age and had moved to Scott City two years before. We hit it off immediately and become best of friends.

We built a tree house together along the back alley and the only way to get in was a fifteen foot rope climb. We built a zip line between two trees along our property line that started twenty feet up in the first tree. We also built a very sturdy fort made from old pallets and old cross arms from electrical power poles.

One day as we were building the fort my neighbor jumped off the top of the eight foot tall structure and landed on a board with a nail sticking out of it. The nail went through the bottom of his tennis shoe through his foot and then through the top of his shoe and was sticking above his foot and shoe about two inches!

When it happened, my neighbor let out the most incredible blood curdling scream I had ever heard at twelve years old. I ran up to him, realized what had happened and told him to sit down so I could pull the board off the bottom of his foot.

He instead started walking home, which was only about twenty five feet away, with that fifteen inch board and nail attached to the bottom of his foot. But with every step on that foot, with the nail driven through it, he would scream again.

As kids we were in awe of what happened to my friend and every kid that heard his testimony of the incident was in awe also. Just to remind you the definition of awe is: an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, fear. Awe is exactly what we felt when we thought of nails, boards and my neighbor’s situation. I have told that story hundreds of times over the years and so has my neighbor.

The lack of awe in today’s church is because of the lack of testimony by people who have experienced God. God saved you from a life of sin to be a testimony to someone else. It is like we are stepping on nails and not telling anyone about it. Can you imagine having something happen to you that is as traumatic as stepping on a nail and driving it all the way through your foot, but remaining silent about it?

Have you told your story, your testimony? People are experiencing trauma all around us because satan has his yoke around their necks and he controls their lives. They are addicted to drugs, gossip, alcohol, pornography, sports, computers, knowledge and lots of other things. Satan does his best to keep folks out of churches on Sunday and if people do go to church he wants them to get out of the church quickly and only go once a week. Why does satan not want folks at church? They can hear testimony from others who have experienced God. In my experience, the places where you hear testimony from others at church is in bible studies or Sunday school classes. It isn’t usually in Sunday morning worship services and maybe that is also why there is a lack of awe in our churches.

We need to tell our story, our testimony, not only inside the church but outside the church. God will help you to figure out where, when and how. But you must listen to the Holy Spirit and obey when the opportunity comes along.

Revelation 12:11 They triumphed over him (satan) by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.

October 21, 2014 Rankings


The Super 10 has a new leader. Shawnee Mission East has finally caught Olathe North and passed them by 5 points. SME has lead O North in the 6A rankings and now they do in the Super 10. Bishop Carroll only trails O North by one point so we might have more movement at the top of the Super 10 in the next week or two. There are many changes in the Super 10 so click the rankings button above and check it out.

Manhattan falls from the 6A top five into the others.  Derby moves back in to the top five. Big games in Class 6A this week are Olathe South at Blue Valley and Lawrence at Olathe North.

Bishop Carroll still leads Class 5A by unanimous choice. Pittsburg lost last week to BV West and Pitt dropped to number five in the top five. Blue Valley West moves back in to the others column. Big games this week in Class 5A are Bishop Carroll at Maize South, Aquinas at BV West and BV Southwest at Pittsburg.

Class 4A D-I is still owned by Bishop Miege unanimously. Hays falls from second to fourth after losing to Buhler 55-21. Hayden moves to the second spot. KC Piper moves into the number five position. McPherson appears in the others column after defeating Abilene who falls out of the rankings. Big games this week are Abilene at Hays, Buhler at McPherson, Bishop Miege at Louisburg.

Class 4A D-II has Andale at the top unanimously again. Only change here this week is Wichita Trinity falls out of the top five after losing to Andale. Holcomb moves into the number five spot. The big game this week is between Top 5 members Frontenac at Columbus. We also have Holcomb at Pratt which is an interesting game.

Class 3A still has Silver Lake at the top. Nothing changes in this classification except Centralia dropped out of the others column even though Centralia beat Nemaha Valley 35-6. The guys can only vote for the top five of each class and I don’t count any others they list. So the top five have kind of solidified. Big games this week are Hutch Trinity at Kingman, Beloit at Norton.

Olpe is the new leader in Class 2-1A after defeating Lyndon 36-28. Olpe leads Meade by two points. This classification has the closest voting of any class. Lacrosse only trails Meade by six points and is in third. Of course Lacrosse opened the season by defeating Olpe. So who knows who should be first. Guess we will decide here in the next month or so. The Big game this week is Phillipsburg at Ell-Saline.

Hanover is your leader in 8-man D-I and has been for weeks. Nothing changed in this classification. The game we all have been waiting for is finally here, Spearville at Hodgeman County.

8-man D-II is still lead by Chetopa. Victoria beat Thunder Ridge last Friday night 58-34 so T. Ridge drops out of the Top 5 and Victoria moves up and Argonia-Attica moves into the number five spot. Big game this week is Thunder Ridge at Beloit-St. John’s/Tipton.

Just as a side note I heard that Bucklin broke a 54 game losing streak last Friday night. I like to hear that kind of stuff. Read it here.


Striving for a Crown

I had a friend in college who had been a very good wrestler in high school, but at college his freshman year he stopped working out and started drinking lots of beer and gained a bunch of weight. When intramural wrestling came that winter he signed up and represented our fraternity house. He won a couple of matches then was pinned quickly in round three. After the match he was so angry that none of his friends could talk to him.

The next day I approached him and said, “So how you doing today?” He said, “Not quite as angry as last night but the fire is still burning.” So I asked him, “What are you going to do about that smoldering fire in your belly?” He told me, “I am not sure just yet.”

About a week later he approached me and said, “I know what I am going to do about that fire burning in my belly about losing that wrestling match.” I said, “Oh yeah, what are you going to do?” He said, “I am going to do 1,000 pushups and 1,000 sit-ups everyday for a year and next year I am going to pin that guy that beat me!”

Well every time I saw that kid after our conversation he was doing pushups and sit-ups. He broke those 1,000 pushups and 1,000 sit-ups into hours of the day and did between 70 and 100 every hour all day long for the next year. One year later he did pin that kid who had beat him and went on to win the first place t-shirt in intramurals.

Paul in 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 talks about runners running to win the perishable crown and how we should run to win the prize. It is not easy to be a champion in any sport at any level it takes real work! To be a Christian striving for the imperishable crown takes work also. Are you doing the equivalent of 1,000 pushups and 1,000 sit-ups in your daily walk with Christ?

Open your Bible and read one chapter a day. Discipline yourself that you must read one chapter a day before breakfast and or one chapter before bed at night. Personally, I started in Proverbs when I made my vow to read one chapter a day. If you are a brand new Christian you should go to Matthew after you read Proverbs and read the New Testament.

After you read one chapter think about what you just read. You will always have questions of why, how, where, when of the Bible. Let those questions lead you into prayer. Start with a quiet prayerful time of five minutes after you read your Bible.

My wrestling friend’s problem was he wanted to be a champion without the work it takes to be a champion. Once his opponent showed him his folly in thinking he got himself back on track to be the champion he really was.

Let me encourage you to be the Christian champion you were meant to be. The question is though are you ready to be that Christian champion striving for that imperishable crown with all the work that it takes?

1 Corinthians 9:24-27


October 15, 2014 Rankings


Olathe North stays on top of the Super 10 rankings, but they lead SM East by just one point. Bishop Miege trails SM East by just seven points. There was some shakeup after Topeka lost and fell completely out of the Super 10. Derby who was not in the Super 10 last week, jumps clear to number six position. Lots of movement in the Super 10 just remember the Super 10 is a completely different poll from the other rankings so we can have some teams ranked higher in the Super 10 than in their respective classification and vice versa.

Class 6A SM East leads O North by two points and Topeka dropped to the others section and Manhattan moved to number three with Blue Valley going from the others to number four. Olathe South stays at number five. Big game this week is Topeka at Manhattan and Olathe South at BV NW.

Bishop Carroll is number one by unanimous choice in class 5A. Pittsburg moves to number two and Wichita Heights up to number three with Salina South dropping a couple of spots and Aquinas dropping one spot. Several other teams showed up in the other column this week that we have not seen all season long. Big games this week are Bishop Carroll at Maize; BV West at Pittsburg; Salina Central at Salina South.

Bishop Miege is number one in Class 4A D-I and this classification did not change one bit from last week. Ulysses did drop from the others this week. Big games this week are Hays at Buhler; McPherson at Abilene.

Andale is again the unanimous choice in Class 4A D-II and I can see it now…………………towards the end of the season everyone will be wishing they could see Andale vs Bishop Miege. In other movement in this class Frontenac and Wichita Trinity exchanged places. Big games this week are Andale at Wichita Trinity.

Big news in this classification is that another member of the ranking team has selected Rossville for the number one spot. Rossville trails the number one team, Silver Lake by 27 points so The Lake is still number one by quite a ways. Other than that Centralia dropped to the others and Collegiate moves into the number five spot. Hutch Trinity and Hesston showed up in the others column after the big loss by Centralia to Rossville. Big game this week is Centralia at Nemaha Central.

Meade is number one in Class 2-1A and everything stayed the same in the Top 5. Troy is back in the others listing. Remember it takes at least two members of the ranking team voting for a team to make the others column. Big games this week are Olpe at Lyndon; Smith Center at Lacrosse.

Nothing changed in the Top 5 of 8-man D-I so that means Hanover is number one. Peabody-Burns showed up in the other column after demolishing Madison last week. Big game this week is Quinter at Oberlin.

Chetopa is leading the way in 8-man D-II this week just like last week. Beloit-St John/Tipton falls out of the Top 5 and moves to the other column. Victoria moves up to number four and Stafford moves out of the others listing to number five. Big game this week is Thunder Ridge at Victoria.


When my two youngest girls were in grade school, I was their basketball coach in the local recreation league. One night we were working on catching a pass and quickly shooting the ball. Most of the girls were doing okay, but one girl was just struggling. She was not my daughter and her mother was at practice watching my every move.

I wasn’t sure how mom was going to take this, but I sent the rest of the team with the other coach to the other end of the gym. I did keep one other girl to be a defender. The girl who was struggling to do the drill was going to see just how quick the defense could be on you, close to the bucket.

I put the struggling girl on one side of the lane and myself and the other girl, my defender, on the other side of the lane. I told the defender, “As soon as I throw the ball across the lane, you go play defense and block her shot.”

Well that is exactly what happened. If the girl caught the ball cleanly, she would always try to dribble once before shooting. As soon as she started up with the ball to shoot it, the defender would knock it out of her hands.

After several attempts at catching and shooting, the girl was very frustrated. So I sent the defender to the other end of the gym with the rest of the team. I then asked the girl if she now understood why she must catch the ball cleanly, not dribble once, but get ready to shoot immediately. She said, “Yes.” So we started to work just on that, catching the ball to immediately shooting the ball.

Several years later during a middle school basketball game, the girl who used to struggle to do the drill in fifth grade, caught a pass about four feet from the basket and immediately shot the ball and scored. Her mother was sitting in the stands about ten feet away from me. The mom stands up and points at me and yells, “You taught my daughter that, thank you!”

Now when that girl was in fifth grade I could have given her a book on basketball and told her to read it. I could have sent her mother an email to a youtube video and told her daughter to watch it. I could have told her daughter to just practice that drill at home. But when you have direct experience at something average retention goes up to 80-90%. If you only have spoken or written communication average retention is only 5-10%. So most of you, when you come to read these devotional messages, will only remember 5-10% of it, if anything at all.

Your faith must be active. You must get involved with active learning. Jesus, at the Last Supper, washed the feet of his disciples, which was a job for a servant. When Jesus came to Peter, to wash his feet, Peter said, “Lord are you washing my feet?” Jesus said, “What I am doing you do not understand now, but you will know after this.”

That last sentence has great meaning. When we get ready to do an experience a lot of the time we don’t get it at first, but afterwards that experience might have been the greatest single teaching moment of your life. Let me encourage you to get some experience with your faith. Get out of your own little world and reach out and be Jesus’ hands and feet in the life you are living.

John 13:7

October 7, 2014 Rankings


The Super 10 has a new leader, Olathe North has jumped over SM East by one point. Last week the two teams were tied for first place. Now in the 6A rankings SM East still leads by one point. Remember that the Super 10 and the 6A rankings are two separate polls and so we can have a split decision by the ranking members. Bishop Carroll is edging closer to O North and SM East each week as we vote and may someday take over the top spot. Carroll only trails SM East by five points.

The 6A rankings did not change. Nothing new to report. SM East leads O North by one point. Blue Valley will play Aquinas this week and that may lead to some movement in the 6A and 5A rankings.

Bishop Carroll is still number one by unanimous vote in Class 5A. This week BV West drops out of the Top 5 and Wichita Heights steps back into the number five position. Salina South will be at Derby this week. Derby is in the other column in 6A so we might have a shake out.

In class 4A D-I Bishop Miege is number one by unanimous vote. Miege is actually the number four team in the Super 10 and most of the guys by their vote think Miege could play and beat most everyone in the state except the top three vote getters in the super 10. KC Piper drops out of the Top 5 and Abilene steps in. Abilene may be the sleeper team nobody was thinking about to start the season.

Andale is the unanimous number one in class 4A DII. Wichita Trinity drops one spot and Columbus moves up one spot in the rankings. Other than that no other changes. Wichita Trinity takes on Conway Springs this week so we will find out who belongs and who doesn’t. Although my first guess is a close game so they both still belong in the rankings in their respective classification.

In class 3A there is no change. Silver Lake is number one. Not by unanimous vote, no we still have one guy voting for Rossville. This guy usually gets the rankings just right and he keeps me wondering if I should join him. Big game in this class this week as Centralia and Rossville will play each other in regular season play. This might be just what we need to shake up the rankings in 3A. Scott City will play Ulysses this week in a big rivalry game which dates back to 1935 and ended 0-0. We can be sure that won’t happen Friday night. Ulysses is in the other column of 4A D-I.

In class 2A we have stabilized with Meade as number one, but only by one vote over Olpe. We actually had 6 different teams receive a vote for the number one position in this class. Phillipsburg plays Sedgwick this week. P-burg is ranked number five and Sedgwick is receiving some love from the ranking team, so this will be a big game.

8-man D I did change slightly. Spearville drops to number five and Hodgeman County moves up to number four. In a couple of weeks these two teams will play each other and then we will know something!

8-man D II did not change one bit. We still had four teams receive number one votes but nothing happened to change up the ranking order. Victoria will be at Beloit-St John’s/Tipton in a very big game between ranked teams in this classification.

There is no better way to tell who belongs in the rankings than head to head competition. These are the games that young men play the game for. Best wishes to all squads this week for every game is important.



“Have you never read…..”

Have you ever seen the football coach yell at a player because the player goes the wrong way on an offensive play? Ten guys get it right, but that one player screws up because he doesn’t know the play. The coach will usually say something like this to the player, “Have you read the playbook?”

Several years ago when I first met the new head football coach of our town, he said something that kind of shocked me. He told me he did not give the playbook to his players. He had one playbook for himself and gave each coach a copy but the players would never get one. So I asked him, “Why don’t the players get one?” His answer was, “Because they won’t read it and they won’t study it like they should so why give them one?”

Jesus saw the same thing in his day with God’s playbook. Two thousand years ago when Jesus was walking the earth the Old Testament was available to read but it sounds like not many people read or studied it much. Even if they had read it they did not know the meaning of what they were reading. (Now remember that the New Testament was not around until Jesus died on the cross and the disciples started writing the New Testament.) There are several passages in the Bible where Jesus asked the people, “Have you not read……?” So let’s get into some of those scriptures where Jesus questioned the people. All of the following are quotes of Jesus.

Matthew 22:31 says, “Have you not read what was spoken to you by God……”

Mark 12:10 says, “Have you not read this scripture…….…..”

Matthew 12:3 says, “Have you not read what David did….…..”

Matthew 19:4 says, “Have you read that he who created……….”

Matthew 22:31 says, “And as for the resurrection of the dead, have you not read…..”

Matthew 12:26 says, “And as for the dead being raised, have you not read….…”

Matthew 22:29 says, “You are wrong, because you know neither the scriptures nor……..”

Sometime ago I wrote the story of my own conversion when I was convicted by the Holy Spirit to start reading the Bible for the first time. After the story was published, people started to approach me to tell me they really liked my story. At first I wasn’t sure how to respond to their comments, other than to say ‘Thank you.’ Saying ‘Thank you’ did not seem like the proper response. So I started to ask people, if they had ever read the Bible cover to cover?

My unscientific research of those who answered in the affirmative was less than ten percent of those who talked to me. Most folks told me they had read portions of the Bible but never read the whole thing cover to cover. Also many of them would follow that up with why they never had read the whole Bible. Does the coming up with an excuse mean that the Holy Spirit is working on them and trying to motivate them to read the whole Bible or playbook?

Go on-line and check some of this research that I have looked up but here are some of the shocking numbers on Bible reading in the United States of America from the year 2000:

Roughly 90% of Americans own a Bible with the average home having about 4 Bibles.

16% say they read the Bible daily.

21% say they read the Bible weekly.

12% say they read the Bible monthly.

41% say they rarely or never read the Bible. (We could add the other 10% of Americans that don’t own a Bible here also.)

So what kind of football team would you have if you had the same number of players reading and studying the playbook for football from the above numbers?

Now if Jesus was your football coach and you were getting ready to run a play from the playbook would Jesus be yelling at you after the play, “Have you never read the playbook?” or would Jesus be complementing you, “Well done my good and faithful servant.”

September 30, 2014 rankings


The Super 10 is turning into a serious race to the finish. Shawnee Mission East and Olathe North are tied in the point totals with the ranking team. SME was given the top spot because they received more number one rankings (9) than did O North (7). Bishop Carroll is nine points behind both the leaders.

Class 6A rankings have SME also leading the way but just by two points over O North. Topeka trails both by 34 points.

Bishop Carroll is the unanimous choice for number one ranking in class 5A. They lead Salina South by 25 points. Wichita Heights drops out of the top five after losing to Bishop Carroll big. Aquinas lost to Bishop Miege and drops from third place to fourth place. Blue Valley West steps back in to the top five.

Bishop Miege is the number one team in 4A DI by a 25 point total. This classification did not change one bit.

Andale is still the number one team in Class 4A DII and the voting is unanimous. Holton trails in second place by 29 points, which last week was at 40 points. Holcomb and Wamego drop out of the top five and in steps Frontenac and Wichita Trinity.

Class 3A has Silver Lake leading Rossville by 33 points at the moment. Every week Centralia and Collegiate take turns being at number five in the rankings. This week it is Centralia’ turn.

Class 2-1A has been put in the blender and out comes……………Meade at number one. Lacrosse drops to number four after losing to class 3A SE of Saline. Olpe is back at the number two spot. Remember Olpe lost to Lacrosse first game of the year. Just stay tuned these rankings might change next week also.

8-man I still finds Hanover in number one by 21 points over Osborne which is a little bigger lead than last weeks 16 point lead. Other than that all is well on the 8-man I rankings.

Nothing changed in 8-man II either this week other than Chetopa has grown their lead of number one from fourteen points last week to twenty points this week.

Find the rankings for this week on our rankings page.


Do You Support the Team?


Lenny Dawson was the KC Chiefs quarterback on November 1, 1970. During a game against the Oakland Raiders, Lenny called a naked bootleg on a fourth down play as KC was trying to run out the clock with under a minute to play. The play totally surprised the Raiders and Lenny got the first down but he tripped and fell on the ground. Well in Pro Football you must be downed or you can get up and run some more.

Ben Davidson, the Oakland Raiders 6’ 8” defensive lineman speared Dawson, with his helmet, as he lay on the ground to down him. Otis Taylor, KC Chiefs wide receiver, then ran up to Davidson as he was getting up and punched him in the face, which set off a bench-clearing brawl between the two teams. After the two teams were eventually separated, off-setting penalties were called and KC had to punt. Oakland then moved down field quickly and kicked a field goal which tied the game (you could end in ties in those days) and eventually cost KC a berth in the playoffs.

The only pro football games I have ever been to have been Oakland Raider games against the Chiefs in KC. I have been to several. I dislike the Raiders greatly and it all goes back to that game in 1970. But what amazes me is the number of Raider fans that show up at the Chiefs stadium in those ghastly black uniforms and chains and spikes etc. There are always nasty comments towards the Raider fans and the Raider fans give it back to the Chiefs fans even though they are way outnumbered. I have also seen the occasional fist fight right in the stands between these football fans.

So how is your support of Jesus team? Are you embarrassed to be a Christian? Could you stand in amongst the opposition’s crowd and still be a Christian or would you go silent? As you get older you become bolder. I think that is why churches are filled with older people because they don’t care what people think of them anymore. They don’t care who knows that they go to church, believe in God and want to go to heaven.

That is one reason I admire those Raider fans. They are bold and couldn’t care less what us Chiefs fans think of them. So even though I hate to say this, we Christians young and old need to be more like those Raider fans, and be bold. It will pay off at the end of your life. Below is Jesus comment you need to keep in mind.

Matthew 10:32 “Everyone who acknowledges me publicly here on earth, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven.”


September 23, 2014 Rankings


In some classifications this week there was no movement at all. In some other classifications there was a little bit of movement such as in Class 3A where Collegiate and Centralia are taking turns each week being ranked in fifth place, the vote is that close every week.

In the Super 10 category the race for first place at the moment is a three team race. Shawnee Mission East is atop the rankings at the moment. The Lancers are ahead of Olathe North by 6 points. Bishop Carroll trails Olathe North by 10 points in third place. After that Topeka, in fourth place, trails Bishop Carroll by 49 points.

In class 6A we find the tightest race among all classifications. Shawnee Mission East is in the number one spot by just 3 points ahead of Olathe North. I was glad to see the ranking team continued to vote for Olathe South, in fifth place this week, after losing a tough game to O North by one point in OT.

The race in Class 5A is for second place. Bishop Carroll is the unanimous choice to finish as the champions in this classification. Three of the other top four teams have received a second place vote.

In class 4A DI Bishop Miege has every ranking team members vote except one for first place. After that the other top four teams have all received a vote for second place. Again a race for second place is going on. Bishop Miege in the Super 10 is sitting in 6th place at the moment. This team could probably compete at any level of classification in our state.

In class 4A DII Andale is the top dog by unanimous vote. In this classification we also have a race for second place with all of the other top five receiving at least one vote for second place. In the Super 10 Andale is sitting in 12th place which means most of the ranking team thinks Andale could compete with anyone in the state. Maybe not win against anyone, but compete with most everyone.

Only two schools have received a number one ranking in the 3A classification and it is the old Highway 24 rivals, Silver Lake and Rossville. Get your tickets early for these two schools most likely will play twice again this year.

Class 2-1A has Lacrosse at number one. Smith Center trails Lacrosse by 44 points so it isn’t even close. What happens in this classification if Norton hammers Smith Center Friday night like the Bluejays have done to Phillipsburg?

Hanover still leads 8-man DI by 16 points over Osborne. Although we have had four schools in this classification receive a number one vote.

In class 8-man DII we have all top five schools receiving a number one vote and this is the tightest race by far in all classifications for the entire top five. This will continue to be the best race in all classes. The ranking team is not sure who should be number one and who will be champions at the end of the season. Personally, I wish every classification was just like this one. So every Friday night you weren’t sure if your team was going to win or not.

Remember our rankings are just pure speculation on our part. The football is a funny shaped ball that never bounces where you think it will. Good luck to all the teams Friday night. My prayer, for every one that plays football, is that you play as hard as you can and knock the crap out of each other, but that God would protect you from any serious injury.

If you have’nt seen this post game speech here it is. The best ever.