Monthly Archives: May 2017

Seeing Old Friends

I ran into an old friend from college at the state basketball tournament several years ago. He was coaching one of the teams in the tournament. When I went over to talk to him, he was sitting in amongst his players. As I approached my old friend he looked embarrassed to see me. The first thing practically out of his mouth was this comment, “Tim, I no longer do any of that stuff we used to do in college.” I guess he thought I might go into great detail about our past and in a loud voice try to embarrass him. Instead I said, “I don’t do any of that stuff either anymore. I grew up also.”

So my point is, don’t you ever come to this website and read these stories and then think that I must be a perfectly sinless man. Every day I must re-evangelize myself. I read my Bible everyday, early in the day. I pray and repeat the Bible verses I have memorized during my early morning activities.

And when I slack off and don’t do that Bible reading everyday, then it is easier to skip the next day and the day after that and so on. It is easy to fall away and lose the remembrance of God the Father in my life. The sinful life could then begin all over again.

I would rather stay with God the Father and serve Him. God has called you also. He has a job specifically for you at this time in history. No matter what you have done in your past, He wants you on His team. You are the only one that can fulfill that job He has for you at this present time.

Read the Book of Jonah. It is a very short book in the Bible. See how it worked out for Jonah to ignore God, and ignore the job He had for Jonah.