Which Team?

Several years ago, I left the press box to go down onto the field, before pregame time, to talk to a college friend, who was an assistant coach on our opponent’s team. After we had talked for a few minutes I asked him what he thought about the game we were about to play? He said, “You guys are going to kick our butts.” There were two other coaches standing there listening to our conversation, from the opponents team, and they took exception to what their fellow coach had said and they said so with anger in their voices. My friend answered them back, “You guys are too young and blind to see that our kids don’t want to be in this game and are not mentally prepared to play in this game.” My team won the game about 40-0.

I can’t count, how many times over the years, I have heard a coach or another sportscaster, newspaper writer, fan say, when asked a question about their team, they will answer with the following, “Depends on which team shows up tonight.”

A football team takes on their own personality. Sometimes they are focused and ready to play. Other times they may not be ready to play. The kids may have their minds on other things. Sometimes half the team is ready and half aren’t ready to play that night. The football team that is not one at heart, but has a split personality will struggle in the game.

In our own personal lives, are we living our lives with divided personalities? My guess is most of us, do that. We have the life we live at school and that personality. Then at home around our mothers, father and grandparents, we live and talk differently. When we are at church, we act differently, than at our work or at our play.

Speaking of our football teams, if we can get all the players on the same page, with an attitude of one focus and that is the game for the next couple of hours, we usually have got something special to behold.

In your own lives, if we did not compartmentalize our life and instead focused our entire life around one specific goal or set of beliefs, what kind of life do you think you would be living?

Psalm 86:11 Teach me your way, O Lord; that I will walk in your truth; Unite my heart to fear your name.